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Super Low Budget Cooking – Spicy Sancho Noodle Nachos – Punk Ass Chef

www.facebook.com – Punk Ass Chef whips up a super tasty and spice party dip called Spicy Sancho Noodle Nachos using

Cinnamon Challenge Success 2.0 with a Funnel – Punk Ass Challenge

Punk Ass Chef takes on the Cinnamon Challenge but does it with a twist using a funnel to get it

Cinnamon Challenge (Success) – Gag Master Clip – Punk Ass Chef Take The Dare!

www.facebook.com – Punk Ass Chef literally blows and almost chokes out during the famed Cinnamon Challenge with a funnel. But

KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Jalapeno Poppers with Bacon, Crack Mac Poppers, Easy Mac

www.facebook.com – Korn Bean takes a bite out of a HOT snack called the Mac Crack Popper. Using Kraft Easy

Hangover Cure Breakfast Burrito – Bloody Mary Eggs ala Vodka – Hung Over Heaven

www.facebook.com – You all hung over?? Full-on hangover breakfast burrito cure mixing the the traditional bloody Mary with an eggs

Hot Banana Love ala Banana’s Foster with a Cayenne Pepper Twist & Hershey’s Chocolate

eee.facebook.com – www.twitter.com – Korn Bean (Punk Ass Chef) whips up a late night sweet snack called the Hot Banana

Spam A Doobie Roll – Spam, Spinach, Pizza Crust, The Blunt Snack

www.facebbok.com – Korno’s back from the dead and finally brings back some Punk Ass Chef. Korn Holey Kornbean breaks out

Cooking In Your Dorm – Beer Bong Garbage Omelet – Punk Ass Chef

Cooking In Your Dorm – Beer Bong Garbage Omelet – Punk Ass Chef – Cooking Eggs in your dorm –

Cooking In Your Dorm – 420 Munchies – The Stoner Banger

Punk Ass Chef on FB – www.facebook.com – Cooking In Your Dorm 420 Munchies – PunkAssChef – Cooking food when