Trader Joe’s Chorizo – The Naked Burrito Meatless Grinds, Punk Ass Chef

www.facebook.com – Vegetarian Sex – The Naked Burrito Meatless Grinds, Punk Ass Chef – Mr. PAC (Punk Ass Chef) is joined by released felon Matty Boy to churn up some Soy Chorizo from Trader Joes. Widely used in both Mexican and Spanish cooking and popular throughout the Southwest, Chorizo (pronounced chor-EE-zoh or chor-EE-soh) is a highly seasoned, coarsely ground sausage made from pork. Melissa’s Soyrizo is actually an all natural, pure vegetable product, yet incredibly similar to chorizo in many ways. A savory addition to many dishes including casseroles, vegetables, rice, soups, stews, enchiladas and eggs, Soyrizo provides a delicious meatless alternative with 60% less fat and no cholesterol. Made with healthy soy beans and no sodium nitrate. This item can be frozen.

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